ARES - Automatic Resistivity System

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2000 Vp-p - 5 A - 850 W transmitter

Single-channel receiver

2D/3D resistivity & IP tomography

VES, RP, SP measurements

Up to 10 adjustable IP windows

Easy-control system

Active multi-electrode cables

Passive cables with switch box

Roll-along possibility


Groundwater explorations, geotechnical investigations, monitoring of dams and dikes, environmental studies, pollution plumes mapping, geological surveys, mineral prospecting, archaeology, detecting of cavities, underwater, marine, borehole and cross-hole measurements.

ARES represents a well equipped resistivity and IP imaging system. Its variability, easy field operation (without PC), feeding from a standard 12 V battery or from a generator, rich support of standard and special electrode arrays and compatibility with widespread interpretation software makes ARES a cost effective and useful tool for working groups and research teams.

Standard accessories:

  • Transport case
  • T-piece (for connection of multi-electrode cable sections and cables for current and potential electrodes)
  • Cable for external 12 V battery
  • RS232C and USB cables
  • AC adapter (for all countries)
  • PC software ARES (MS Windows based)
  • User manual

Optional accessories:

  • Multi-Electrode cable sections - active and passive
  • Switch box (attachable 48-channel adapter) for passive multi-electrode cables
  • 12 V attachable battery pack with fast 3-stage battery charger
  • 12 V electronic power supply
  • VES-Adapter (for 5 pairs of potential electrodes)
  • Cable reels
  • Stainless steel electrodes, non-polarizable electrodes
  • Processing software for 2D/3D inversion, VES interpretation and mapping (Res2DInv/Res3DInv, IPI2Win, Surfer)

Resistivity 2D Multicable-Electrode Cable Survey

ARES control unit

ARES control unit
Active Multi-Electrode Cable Sections

Active Multi-Electrode Cable Sections MCS5
Passive Multi-Electrode Cable Sections

Passive Multi-Electrode Cable Sections MCC5
12 V Attachable Battery Pack or 12 V electronic power supply

12 V Attachable Battery Pack or
12 V electronic power supply
Switch Box for Passive Multi-Electrode Cables

Switch Box for Passive Multi-Electrode Cables
VES Adapter

VES Adapter
Current Cable Reel

Current Cable Reel
Potential Cable Reel

Potential Cable Reel
Stainless Steel Electrodes

Stainless Steel Electrodes
Non-Polarizable Electrodes

Non-Polarizable Electrodes