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One ruggedized weatherproof unit integrates a powerful transmitter and a sensitive receiver completed with a rich software support for a variety of measuring methods.


Power up to 850 W
Current up to 5.0 A
Current resolution 24 bits
Voltage 2000 Vp-p (actually applied voltage automatically level of measured potential)
Protection full electronic protection


Input voltage range ±5 Vp-p (±10 Vp-p optionally)
Voltage resolution 24 bits
Input impedance 20 MΩ
Mains frequency filtering 50 or 60 Hz selectable notch filter

Measuring methods:

  • 2D/3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity and IP Tomography
  • VES - Vertical Electrical Sounding (resistivity and IP)
  • RP - Resistivity and IP Profiling
  • SP - Self Potential

Supported arrays:

  • Wenner Alpha / Beta / Gamma, Wenner-Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Reverse Pole-Dipole, Pole-Pole, Equatorial Dipole-Dipole, Cross-Hole, Borehole-Surface, user defined configurations

Measurement - features:

  • Self-adapting control system
  • Automatic ranging and calibration
  • Automatic pulse cycling and checking of measured values
  • Easy interruption of the measurement
  • Capability of profile prolongation by means of multi-electrode cable rolling
  • Total accuracy:
    better than 1 % (typically)
  • IP - Induced Polarization (Chargeability):
    up to 10 adjustable IP-windows, each max. 30 s, step 20 / 16.66 ms
  • Pulse:
    0.3 s - 30 s, step 0.1 s
  • SP compensation:
    constant and linearly varying SP cancellation
  • Stacking:
    manual or automatic (with self-adaptive setting)
    adjustable optimum measured voltage and maximum acceptable measurement error
  • Stored values:
    position of the measured point, output current, input voltage, SP, apparent resistivity, standard deviation, chargeability with standard deviation for up to 10 IP windows
  • Number of electrodes:
    max. 200 in one array
  • Line length for ME cable:
    max. 10 km

Control unit

  • Easy-Control system, no need of PC for the measurement
  • Alphanumeric keyboard, large LCD display
  • Measuring system can be upgraded via Internet
  • Safety switch
  • Memory:
    16 Mbit, up to 100 files, 70,000 readings
  • PC interface:
    RS232 and USB
  • PC software:
    provides data download and export for processing programs (RES2DINV / RES3DINV, Surfer, IPI2WIN and others) as well as upload of measuring procedures
  • Power supply:
    12 V car battery, 12 V attachable battery pack or generator
    AC/DC adapter for office
  • Connectors:
    for PC, battery and a universal one for all measuring accessories (Multi-Electrode Cable, VES-Adapter, Switch box), measuring current clamps and potential clamps
  • Dimensions:
    15 x 21 x 40 cm
  • Weight:
    5.9 kg
  • Ambient conditions:
    -10°C to +60°C, weatherproof