About The Company

GF Instruments is a private owned geophysical company settled in The Czech Republic (EU).

The company's two main activities are:

  • Development, manufacturing, sale and rental of measuring instruments for geophysical, geological, environmental and laboratory use including gamma-ray spectrometers and dose rate meters, DC resistivity systems, electromagnetic conductivity meters, magnetic susceptibility meters, metal detectors, laboratory instruments and special equipment based on above mentioned methods designed to the user’s request.

  • Providing of development of methods for near-surface geophysical survey as well as consulting and services in the field of geology, engineering geology and UXO survey.


  • Resistivity & IP:
    GF Instruments has introduced 10-channel ARES II instrument for resistivity and IP tomography equipped with extra powerful transmitter - 2000 Vp-p, 5 A, 850 W. Its advantages can be applied especially for large 2D and 3D surveys (operating up to 65,000 electrodes), for continuous survey from water level and for programable monitoring of structures. The unit can be supplied either from 12 V battery or from generator (via AC/DC convertor) keeping full transmitter performance both for multi-electrode cable measurement and for VES. Thus easily portable ARES II system can be used for heavy duty survey also under extra high or low ground resistances reaching significantly enhanced depth range of investigation and noise resistance for both resistivity and small changes of low IP levels.
    (For details see technical data sheets.)

  • Electromagnetics - CMD:
    CMD Explorer (2.2, 4.2, 6.7 m depth) and CMD Mini Explorer (0.5, 1.0, 1.8 m depth) strengthen their position on the market. Both instruments equipped with three simultaneously working EM systems provide data for conductivity mapping and for conductivity sections using EM inversion. Data processing system supports structural models with both fluent and sharp conductivity changes convenient for 2D and 3D imaging. Built-in 1D inversion indicates parameters of 2 layered model (conductivities of layers and depth of border) currently in situ.
    (For details see technical data sheets.)

  • Short guides:
    We recommend to pay attention to our methodical guides for electromagnetic conductivity survey as well as for resistivity and IP imaging. Those brochures contain both theoretical introduction and many typical examples of applications.

  • In the year 2014 you can meet us at our booth at the following main exhibitions:
    DGG - March 10 - 13, Karlsruhe, Germany
    SAGEEP - March 16 - 19, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    EAGE Near Surface - September 14 - 18, Athens, Greece