GEPS-2000 - Geoelectric Power Sounder

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Power supply external engine power generator HONDA 2 x 2000 W
Output power up to 3500 W
Current up to 10 A (24 bit conversion)
Current waveform square with selectable pulse length and frequency
Pulse 1 s - 60 s, step 1 s
Voltage up to 2500 V
Precision 0.1 %


Resistivity, IP and SP measurements
Number of channels 8 (galvanically insulated or coupled)
Input impedance 40 MΩ
Input voltage range ±10 V (24 bit conversion)
Number of IP windows up to 10
Stacking 1 - 64
SP compensation constant and linear
Mains frequency filtering 50 Hz
Precison 0.1 %
Dimensions 700 x 400 x 320 mm
Weight 35 kg
Ambient conditions -10 to +50 °C weather proof

Supported methods:

VES (vertical electric sounding)
8 channel profiling (pole dipole and other arrays)
SP - Self Potential
User defined arrays
IP - Induced Polarization (Chargeability) up to 10 adjustable IP-windows, each max. 6 s, step 20 ms
Measured optimization adjustable optimum measured potential
Stored values position of measured point, ouput current, output voltage, input voltage, SP, apparent resistivity, standard deviation, chargeability with standard deviation for all 10 IP windows
Ouput data format IPI2WIN, RES2DINV, Surfer or simple ASCII file which is available to be opened in other software

Control unit:

  • external laptop (MS WINDOWS) connected with USB cable