Instrument Rental


Gamma-ray spectrometers:

  • Gamma Surveyor Vario VN6
  • Gamma Surveyor II (GMS II/1, GMS II/2)
  • Gamma Surveyor Standard with handheld probe (GMS/C+HPN)
  • Gamma Surveyor Compact (GMS/CN)

Electromagnetic instruments:

  • CMD-Explorer, CMD-MiniExplorer Multidepth Contactless Conductivity Meters
  • CMD-Mini Explorer 6L - simultaneous mapping in 6 underground layers
  • CMD-4/6, CMD-4, CMD-2, CMD-1, CMD-Tiny Contactless Conductivity Meters

Magnetic susceptibility instruments:

  • Multi Kappa - full set with three coils

Resistivity and IP systems:

  • ARES II - multi-channel main unit with standard accessories
  • multi-electrode cable section ME II/10 - 12 electrodes / 5m spacing (including accessories)
  • multi-electrode cable section ME II/5 - 8 electrodes / 5m spacing (including accessories)

  • ARES 850W - main unit with standard accessories
  • multi-electrode cable section MCS5 - 8 electrodes / 5m spacing (including accessories)
  • multi-conductor cable section MCC2 - 12 outlets / 2m spacing (including 48-ch switch box and accessories)


  • GEPS-2000 (VES power sounder for resistivity and IP)
  • Sparker (electric seismic source)
  • GSSI SIR-3000 with 200 MHz, 400 MHz, 900 MHz antennas (georadar)
  • Geometrics G-858GSX (caesium magnetometer / gradiometer)


1. All prices are EXW Brno, Czech Republic. Renter is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges. Insurance to the full value of the rented equipment and whole rental period is highly recommended.

2. Rental is charged from the day the renter receives the instrument until the day it is received back in GF Instruments' office in good working condition. The lowest rental cost is the price for one week.

3. Prepayment of the rental price for the expected period is required. For rentals outside the Czech Republic a deposit paid before beginning of a rental period is required. The deposit lowered by the rental fee will be sent back at the renter's account after the rented equipment is returned in good working condition.

4. The renter shall bear all risk of loss, destruction or damage to the equipment resulting from any cause whatsoever - the renter will pay the price up to the full value of the equipment in the mentioned cases.

5. If the renter decides to purchase the same kind of instrument as rented within 6 months after the end of the rental period, the purchase price will be lowered by 80% of the rental fee paid.