CMD-Mini Explorer 6L
High resolution electromagnetic conductivity meter

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CMD-Mini Explorer 6L

Multi depth survey in the range 0.15 - 2.3 m

Manual or continuous measuring modes with GPS

Simultaneous readings of 6 conductivities with inphase

Fast response (sampling from 0.1 s)

Excellent stability during temperature changes

Map preview of area coverage

Lightweight and rugged design

Rechargeable Li-Ion cells (one charge for 2-3 working days)

Data download via USB port or USB memory stick

Rich data processing support


high resolution conductivity survey of ground upper layers for archaeology, agriculture, geology, road and construction inspection, metal objects and network detection

CMD-Mini Explorer 6L electromagnetic conductivity meter enhances the capability of the standard CMD-Mini Explorer by extended depth range (0.3 - 2.3 m) and higher depth resolution (6 receivers). Precise electronic design with stable calibration provides data for multi-layer conductivity and inphase mapping as well as for inversion of measured conductivity sections.
CMD-Mini Explorer 6L is useful for fast and accurate contactless investigations of shallow buried structures and objects in the frame of archaeological, geological, military and other surveys.

Standard accessories:

  • Transport aluminum case 37 x 14 x 172 cm
  • Probe holder with bluetooth adapter
  • Probe connection cable
  • 2 pcs of AC adapters (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
  • 2 pcs of internal battery holders for AA cells
  • Carrying belt
  • Cable for 12 V car socket supply
  • Cable for data download to PC and flash disk
  • CD with software
  • Operation manual

Optional accessories:

  • Spare Li-Ion battery pack
  • Inversion and mapping SW (IX1D, Surfer)

CMD-Mini Explorer 6L

CMD control unit

CMD control unit
CMD-Mini Explorer in transport case

CMD-Mini Explorer 6L in transport case